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    Hawaii: Congratulations, and an Appreciation

    Last week, on Thursday, November 14, Circuit Court Judge Karl Sakamoto issued a ruling that upholds Hawaii’s brand-new law legalizing gay marriage. The Aloha State has become the 15th in the nation to legalize same-sex marriages (Illinois passed gay marriage a couple of days later). As you may recall, Hawaii became the first state in the nation to make a push for gay marriage, back in the mid-’90s, but efforts were met with considerable resistance—still, one imagines that it was the effort of activists in Hawaii that helped draw publicity [...]

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  • A rainbow curves over Maui's artisan dairy, Surfing Goat - photo by Andrew Collins

    Maui Adventures: Lavender Farms and the Famed Hana Road

    Tempting as it may be to spend most of your time in Maui at one of the island’s spectacular beach resorts, the “Valley Isle” offers all sorts of tempting reasons for renting a car an exploring the interior, which is home to everything from unbelievably lush valleys to dramatic, lunarlike desert landscapes. One of my favorite short trips to the higher-elevation upcountry is stopping by Surfing Goat Dairy (pictured above) to sample the delicious goat cheeses, decadent goat-cheese truffles, and – of course – admire the adorable goats. The dairy [...]

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  • An evening view from Jaggar Museum’s terrace of the ongoing eruption at the summit of Kīlauea volcano, at Halema‘uma‘u Crater. Kīlauea has been erupting continuously since March 19, 2008.

    Best In 1 Day: Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park

    An evening view from Jaggar Museum’s terrace of the ongoing eruption at the summit of Kīlauea volcano, at Halema‘uma‘u Crater. Kīlauea has been erupting continuously since March 19, 2008.   If you’ve been to Hawai‘i, you’ve set foot on a volcano. The entire archipelago was formed by lava discharged from these unpredictable, cataclysmic ruptures in the earth’s crust. The state’s two busiest volcanoes, Kīlauea (currently active) and Mauna Loa (on hiatus since 1984), lie within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which offers visitors amazingly close access to belching steam vents, potentially [...]

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    Off the Beaten Path: 27 Reasons to See All of O’Ahu

    Don’t get us wrong—we love WaikĪkĪ and understand why it’s so hard to leave. But there’s much more to Oahu, and even Honolulu, than its bustling hotel district.

    1. Over the course of her several decades living in eastern Honolulu, tobacco heiress Doris Duke transformed her five-acre oceanfront estate into a literal work of art. Shangri La (808-532-3852) is now a museum filled with remarkable Mediterranean and Middle Eastern collectibles and commissioned pieces, including Moroccan lamps, Basque-inspired tilework, Persian rugs, and ravishingly ornate sofas, tables, and dishes. Be sure to look up at the hand-detailed ceilings and stroll through the outdoor gardens and past the terraced fountain—and don’t miss the newly restored Damascus Room. Visits are by guided [...]

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  • 0413-pursuits-pool-party

    Family Resorts: Pool Party

    With soaring waterslides, marine-life encounters, seasonal kids’ clubs, babysitting services, and spacious rooms with increasingly high-tech entertainment systems, many Hawai‘i resorts have been designed with the curiosity—and limitless energy—of younger guests in mind. Furthermore, the state’s warm embrace of diversity has made Hawai‘i a top destination among LGBT families. Here are five playful resorts that’ll bring out the kid in you and yours.   Aulani Disney delighted its fans with the 2011 launch of this 21-acre resort that offers every conceivable diversion for teens, tweens, and toddlers—or you can simply [...]

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  • 0413-flying-high

    Flying High

    There’s a lot of opportunity for flying in Hawaii—helicopter tours, interisland plane rides. And then there’s zip-lining, in which you become an actual instrument of flight, propelled by gravity along a suspended steel cable through the treetops of misty rain forests and across the vast depths of rocky chasms. This surprisingly easy sport, of a sort, is wildly fun and quite safe—experienced guides fasten participants into harnesses that David Blaine couldn’t get out of.  Sure, on the longest, steepest zip lines, you may reach speeds of 55 mph, but that’s [...]

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  • 0413-molokai-scenic-shot

    A Mule’s Errand

    It takes a little effort to explore rugged and secluded Molokai, but the rewards—and offbeat charms—are many.

    It wasn’t long before I suspected that Koa the mule hated me. I knew she had her reasons, key among them that I was riding on her back down the incredibly steep path that links what’s called “topside Molokai”—the bulk of the island, where nearly all 7,400 residents live—to the isolated peninsula at the foot of the world’s tallest sea cliffs. We were headed to the Kalaupapa Settlement, less sensitively known as “the leper colony.” The trail zigzags just over three miles, descending steeply about 1,700 feet to what was [...]

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Beach Snacks: Shrimpossible

Good luck convincing Hawaiians that food trucks are a hot new culinary trend. Folks along O‘ahu’s rugged North Shore have been politely queuing outside shrimp trucks since Giovanni’s (giovannisshrimptruck.com) kicked off this crustacean craze in 1953. The first vehicle, a converted bread-delivery van, roamed Kamehameha Highway for 40 years before Giovanni’s parked trucks permanently in both Hale‘iwa and Kahuku, where they continue to serve big plates of sautéed shrimp available in three choices of preparation: garlicky scampi, tart and bright lemon-butter, and fiendishly fiery “hot & spicy,” which have been [...]

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Cultivated Hawai‘i: Purple Pros

It’s believed that the Kingdom of Hawaii’s last reigning royal, King David Kalākaua—a.k.a. “the Merrie Monarch”—first introduced lavender to the islands in the late 19th century, having procured it on a trip to the Mediterranean. Stroll around Alii Kula Lavender Farm (808-878-3004, aliikulalavender.com; $3 admission), however, and you might imagine that this fragrant, flowering plant has bloomed in Hawaii for millennia. It certainly thrives here—more than 55,000 lavender plants, representing some 45 varieties, carpet the steep grounds of this 13½-acre farm on the Upcountry slopes of Maui’s dormant Mount Haleakalā [...]

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The famed Road to Hana

Hawaii’s Greatest Road Trips

I’m particularly fond of hopping into the car and venturing out for a country drive, ideally without much of a plan—or a specific destination—in mind. My 15-year-old Saab has made it to every state but Alaska and Hawaii, but I’ve driven rental cars around these latter two states. Road trips have been a theme of several articles we’ve run in OutAloha, and if you’re a fan of scenic drives, I recommend checking out some of these pieces. I researched and wrote our Highway to Hana feature (part of the drive [...]

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